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Zion Lutheran School is a private Christian Pre-K - 8 school that receives no public funding.  Funding for the school is provided by the church and from several fundraising efforts made throughout the school year.  There are several ways you can help show your support to Zion without simply writing a check.


  • BUTTERBRAIDS AND COOKIE DOUGH - Butterbraids is a high profit fundraiser done near the beginning of the school year. For 2019, we begin selling on September 4th, and forms are to be turned in by September 20th.  The pick-up date for families will be announced. There will be prizes for the top-sellers.

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  • RAISE RIGHT (formally known as Scrip) - Raise Right is a program in which people can purchase gift cards through our school. Each store has a rebate that they give back to our school from each card that is bought. This rebate is directed towards helping with tuition costs. Raise Right forms that show which stores participate in the program are available upon request. Gift cards can be purchased by turning in the form, through the Raise Right website (with our school's specific code), bought between Sunday church services or bought by going to the Zion office. 

  • BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION - Collect the box tops from more than 330 participating General Mills products marked “Box Tops for Education”. Trimming them properly and then turning them into your child’s teacher or school office. Remind your friends and family to save them too! Shop at the Box Tops for Education Marketplace with over 100 stores, designate Zion, and Zion gets up to 10% of each qualifying purchase.

  • SODA TABS FOR RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE - Once a year the classes all compete to see which class can bring in the most metal tabs.  The class with the most wins a party and if the entire school meets a school goal, every student gets to participate in a treat.  Tabs are donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  

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