Welcome to Zion Lutheran School in Litchfield, Illinois. As Principal I am so excited to be back in school with our students. It is such a pleasure to share with you our school and the amazing people who experience Zion everyday. The love of Christ is so evident on campus as you watch the teachers and students sharing that Love with each other. It is wonderful to watch our students take Christ's love and share that love with our community.


Each teacher is credentialed and qualified to teach their grade level. More importantly they are here to bring each subject to life to enhance our students learning process. Zion's teachers are innovative and their mission is to prepare our students academically for the next phase of their life as well as share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with each child. Now each student can go out beyond our walls and make the world a better place to live.


Our students are collaborative, creative and possess a deep sense of school spirit. They are thinkers, artists, athletes, readers, writers, and scientists! At Zion, we want our students to develop physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

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Feel free to come visit Zion to see and feel the energy on our campus each and every day. That same energy that was on the campus 133 years ago when Zion first opened its doors. Christ has so richly blessed our school with amazing teachers and staff, supportive parents, and a wonderful group of students who have come to love and respect the learning process. We want you to become a part of the Zion Family.


Mark Lofink